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Availobal.com is an online multi-vendor jewelry marketplace website headquartered in Beverly Hills, California dedicated to to products manufacture in the USA.

I have been in the jewelry industry in the USA for close to 40 years since 1984 and have seen many advancements within the industry helping to improve the quality of the product and service to our customers the latest being the CAD design and wax printing that offer precision, reducing the time to create custom jewelry.

Other exciting advancements are the lab-created diamonds started by General Electric back in the early 50s offer a very affordable alternative to earth-mined diamonds although not for everyone it is increasing in popularity not only because of their price point but also and maybe, more importantly, is they are free from digging up and destroying the earth and the dreaded of so-called blood diamond concerns in our industry, moissanite is another stone that offers beauty and affordability at a fraction of the cost lab created diamond and also very popular because it is lab created and is not mined from the earth and its issues.

We plan to offer our platform Availobal.com to businesses that make jewelry here in the USA as our priority and let customers here in the US and need not shop from other countries to get what they are looking for often times receiving inferior quality with very little to no recourse or in many cases it just isn’t worth the time to pursue a refund because of the cost of shipping and other expenses, and it is really sad when a customer is duped think they received the genuine article never to find out what they got was true Fugazi its companies like this that give our industry a real black eye and it seems to be commonplace with on limit of sellers and countries who only concern is to extract American dollars from hard-working individuals here in the USA.

I am hoping to make this experiment work and am hoping to find many like-minded individuals in the USA to support this effort and hopefully help it to grow into a beacon light of all that is good and honest in commerce.

If you would like to contribute tor our website please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you, Jewel Stage.

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Availobal.com aspires to be recognized by Industry leaders and influencers as one of the most trustworthy B2C and B2B marketplace companies in the U.S., ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.

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